The district Sam Roi Yot is located 32 kilometers south of the tourist resort Hua Hin in the province of Prachuapkirikhan. Here we find Thailand’s oldest marine national park Khao Sam Roi Yot which means “the three hundred mountain peaks” in Thai. The name gives a good description of the surrounding landscape, spectacular limestone cliffs rise directly at the shoreline as high as 605 meters, presenting fine views of the coast. This is the perfect residence for those searching peace of mind close to the sea and unspoiled nature in one of the most beautiful areas of Thailand In this natural paradise the Swedish owned company Thai Natural Estates will create a residence for those who search for harmony and quality of life in a relaxed atmosphere full of Thai aesthetics.

The residence Mountain Breeze is only 900 meters from the five kilometer long white sand beach of Sam Roi Yot which forms a magnificent bay, perfect for jogging or excursions along the coastline. Colorful fisherman boats offer fresh fish and sea food straight from the mornings haul. Looking at the horizon you can sometimes catch a sight of the pink dolphins that live among the islands in the calm waters of the bay. If you turn westwards the green mountains of Sam Roi Yot tower aloft at the blue skies. The unique nature in combination with the excellent infrastructure and the vicinity to Thailand’s oldest and most classy beach resort Hua Hin are the main factors behind Thai Natural Estates choice of Sam Roi Yot. The area holds good service in terms of food shops, restaurants and medical clinic. The national park offer outdoor life and sport activities like kayaking, sailing, caving, bird watching, fishing and hiking in the grand mountains. From Mountain Breeze you reach ten different world class golf courts in less than an hour. The government owned nine-hole golf court DPM golf club is only five kilometers away. By car or motorbike Hua Hin is reached in 20 minutes.


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