Thai Natural Estates care about our environment. That is why all of our houses and areas are developed for the specific weather and natural conditions prevailing in Thailand. The weather conditions in Thailand are hot and humid all year round. The buildings have to be designed to prevent heat from outside to penetrate the building as well as transporting heat from inside and out. Protecting the building from heat exposure gives benefits like comfortable living and energy saving. Thai Natural Estates have developed a unique environmental concept of energy effectiveness in line with standards set by the Ministry of Energy of Thailand

Insulated roof and ceiling with good ventilation : About 80% of the sunlight hits the roof making it the most important part to insulate. There are two parts under the roof that Thai Natural Estate insulates, the inner side of the roof and the upper side of the ceiling. Looking beyond the aesthetical value of the characteristic steep Thai roof it also fills a functional purpose. It leaves a large space of air between the roof and the ceiling giving it even better insulation properties.
Aerated concrete in the walls : Aerated concrete is the material showing the best insulation properties in comparative tests. The materials low heat absorption makes it the best choice in a hot climate. Materials that absorbs a lot of heat during the day as for example brick, releases the absorbed heat during the night when the air cools down and creates an indoor climate that is warmer than outside.
Low energy glass windows : Lets through visible light on a par with normal window panes but absorbs a lot more heat.
Villas are positioned to give good natural ventilation regarding both wind and sun conditions.
Sun powered warm water system as option.



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