Why invest in Prachuapkhirikhan
Thailand is gaining in popularity each year as more tourists are coming in. To buy property in Thailand and live here full time; or part time is also getting gaining in popularity. Prachuapkhirikhan with its proximity to Bangkok meets all the characteristics for a successful property investment. Tourism is growing steadily, the weather conditions are among the best in Thailand and the province was recently selected as the best coastal province of Thailand to develop sustainable long stay tourism.

Hua Hin a growing city
Hua Hin is gaining in popularity as a tourism destination. From 1992 to 2006 the number of tourists coming to Hua Hin increased from around 350 000 per year to around 2 300 000 per year an average increase of over 16 %. It is still very affordable to buy property in Hua Hin but a growing tourism warrants for higher property prices in the future.

How to buy a house
A reservation fee of 150 000 THB is paid when a land lot is reserved. When the sales contract is signed 10% of the sales price excluding the reservation fee is paid. Within 30 days from contract signing another payment of 20% is made and the construction of the house starts. When the roof is in place another 30% is paid. Next installment of 25% is paid when the walls are in place. The remaining 15% is paid at the final inspection of construction when the villa is ready for occupation. The construction process takes around ten months.

Payment schedule

150 000 baht
Land lot reservation
Contract signing
Contruction starts
Roof ready
Walls ready
House finished

When buying a house two contracts are set up. One deed of purchase for the house and one lease hold contract for the land which is registered at the land office. Every house owner also agrees to join the Mountain Breeze community.

Lease hold land
In Thailand every foreign juristic person, individual or company can own land through a lease hold (Leasehold Land) for a period of 30 years. The lease hold is protected by Thai law and registered at the land office. The lease hold can then be extended for two periods of 30 + 30 years through an option giving a total lease period of 90 years

The land lot is leased at a fixed-term fee and the option to extend. The handling charges are 10,000 baht and paid by the lessee. At present Thai law doesn’t allow foreign juridical persons to own land as Freehold Land. In case Thai law in the future should give foreign juridical persons the right to own land as Freehold Land the contract contains a clause that gives the lessee the right to redeem the land lot (convert the Leasehold Land to Freehold Land). The land can also be converted to Freehold land if the new buyer of the land is a thai national or a thai company.

The land is leased for 90 years with option to freehold if the Thai law changes.

Freehold land
Thai nationals or thai companies can choose to own the land as freehold land.

Maintenance and community fee
The maintenance fee is obligatory and is used to manage and maintain the area. The fee includes 24 hour security of the whole area including the parking, maintenance of common areas as pool, park, road and parking. Garbage collection, irrigation and lawn moving of the private gardens are also included.

The cost of electricity is around 4-5 THB/kwh. This includes both fixed monthly payments and service fee. The water price is progressive between 0,775-1,5 satang/liter (7–15 baht/cubic meter). The price for home insurance is around 4000 baht/year for the house model Ocean.

1. 24 h security
2. Pool maintenanc
3. Park maintenance
4. Garden irrigation
5. Lawn moving
6. Garbage collection

Rental and other services

Services such as cleaning and laundry are cheap in Thailand. If you want to hire out your villa we help with rental service such as handing over the keys and cleaning.

1. Rental service   
2. Cleaning service      
3. laundry service


How to buy a house
Maintenance and
community fee
Rental and other services


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