Thai Natural Estates combines Swedish notions of quality with local market knowledge to offer properties of high quality at reasonable prices. The company is managed by Swedish engineers that collaborate with well established Thai partners. Our fully integrated construction company South Pacific Engineering has more than 25 years of experience and a broad network in the Thai construction industry. South Pacific Engineering started in Thailand 1979 and have been leading the Thai construction industry forward ever since. They have been active in many sectors of the Thai construction industry including residential housing, hotels and resorts, condominium- and office buildings, factory premises and governmental infrastructure projects. All our houses come with 365 days construction guarantee.

Powder coated door and window frames in aluminium: Wooden frames expand in the humid climate resulting in windows and doors that cannot close. Aluminum will last much longer and dont expand in the humid climate.
Hot water throughout
Washable quality paint
Moisture barriers and water seals in the bathrooms
European fully equipped kitchen



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